Holiday Ornaments . . . .

We at Goshen Community Care & Hospice are excited and looking forward to the unveiling of our new design for our holiday ornament for 2018.  This will be a keepsake that will be treasured and used all year long. It will be great as a gift or a memory of time spent in our beautiful town.  We look forward to hearing and seeing your reaction.  See you at the great Goshen Fair on Labor Day weekend! Stop by our booths for water and a lovely holiday keepsake!


Goshen Community Care and Hospice is proud to offer this year’s ornament highlighting the Incorporation of
Goshen, CT in the year of 1739, and our Town’s logo, “Land of Milk and Honey”. The ornament has been crafted out of pewter at Woodbury Pewter, in Woodbury, CT, and features the artistic work of Candace Breakell Fujii.

Candace grew up in Goshen, and was chosen to design a mural for the Goshen Fairgrounds, commemorating its
100th Year Anniversary. The mural, which took Candace five months to complete, was composed of eight large
panels, depicting the various animals at the Goshen Fair. The mural remains on display in one of the exhibit buildings on the Fairgrounds.
Candace attended Southern Connecticut State University, where she studied Information and Library Science. During that time, she took a month-long hiatus to study Art History and Drawing in Paris. In 2013, Candace moved to Korea for a year, where she taught school children English and Art. Candace later returned to Paris, where she met her future husband, Taiki. They were married in 2015, and now reside with their daughter in Kawagoe, Japan.
Candace, today, is a gifted Freelance Illustrator who specializes in detailed, traditional illustrations of animals and fantasy line art using pen and ink, and other traditional materials. Her artwork is unique and lovely, and can be viewed at fujiicandace.artstation.com.

We sincerely hope that you enjoy our ornament, and very much appreciate your support of Goshen Community Care and Hospice. (860-491-HOPE)




2 comments on “Holiday Ornaments . . . .

  1. Joyce! This depicts Camp Coch Beautifully! I am proud to say you are part of GCCH’s
    Artist Family! Thank you for your time and talent!

  2. Absolutely love the 2016 GCCH ornament! Beautiful work by the artist.

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