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Board of Directors

As President of the Board of Directors for Goshen Community Care & Hospice, I am very happy to welcome our new members, Francine, Janice, Lynn Marie and Mary  to the board for 2018 and look forward to working with them for the years to come!

Debbie Nadaskay

Executive Officers:

  • President: Debbie Nadaskay
  • Vice President: Michele Better/Suzan Kircher
  • Secretary: Heidi Rosko/Holly Simpson
  • Asst. Treasurer: Carl Contadini/Denise Leclair
  • Coordinator: Deborah DiPietro, 860-491-4673
  • Hospice Secretary: Laurie Mosley, 860-491-4673

Board Members:

Donna DeVanna Steven Nadaskay
Francine Komisar Anita Shaggy
Janice LaPlaca

Brigitte Michaud

Lynn Marie Steinmayer

Mary Tracy

One comment on “Board of Directors

  1. Thank u Hospice Drivers: Carl Hooper, Godwin Noell, Nancy Noel, Jack & Pat Burris, Mary Orlando, Margorie Morris

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